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IBA - E-Beam and X-Ray: Better Ways to Sterilize

IBA Industrial is a world leader in electron and proton accelerators for industrial applications. IBA’s unique E-Beam, X-ray and Proton treatment solutions are used across the world in many different applications such as medical device sterilization, food pasteurization and crystal modifications. Over 250 IBA Industrial accelerators are used in the world today, some for more than 50 years.

E-beam and X-ray sterilization for medical devices

A very diverse range of medical devices are today sterilized by E-beam processing using IBA's well known Rhodotron and Dynamitron accelerators. The selection between E-beam and X-ray as your sterilization technology will depend on two key criteria:

  • product density
  • product packaging.

Low and medium density products packaged in cardboard boxes are ideally treated with E-beam. X-rays are a viable alternative to radioactive gamma-ray sources for sterilization of high density products or products packaged on pallets.

Low and medium density products packaged in boxes

Many packaged medical devices have a low bulk density: electron penetration is therefore appropriate. If need be, packages can be irradiated from two sides, thereby increasing the beam penetration. The success encountered by E-beam over the past years is due to the very competitive sterilization price per unit. E-beam also answers to an industry key concern which is to sterilize without using chemical poisons and without dangerous radioactive sources.

Combining high-power and high energy, IBA's Rhodotron is unique amongst E-beam accelerators. The Rhodotron is available in a wide range of power levels. The Rhodotron can provide one or several beam outputs from 2 to 10 MeV and power ranging from 35kW to 700 kW. IBA also provides a team of sterilization system experts so as to help you find your way in the Sterilization options.

Medium and high density products packaged on pallets

When products are too dense for E-beam, or if medical devices are packaged on pallets, X-ray Sterilization is the solution. Much more penetrating than E-beam, X-ray is very similar to Gamma rays generated from Cobalt with the key difference that X-ray´s are powered by electricity. This allows medical devices to be sterilized on their original packaging pallets.

eXelis® Sterilization is the X-ray Sterilization solution for Medical devicesbased on IBA's well known Rhodotron. X-ray sterilization with eXelis is the ideal alternative to Gamma for Medical Device Manufacturers. X-rays offer better dose uniformity, faster product turn-over time and do not require complex transport management of radio active sources.


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